🪕 Breakdown - Modeling a Banjo with Blender - Full Process Time-Lapse

Making Of / 07 May 2022

Modeling a Banjo with Blender (full process timelapse)

Hello friends of Artstation. Today I am sharing with you my entire timelapse workflow of creating a game asset with Blender, marmoset Toolbag and Substance 3D Painter.

✔️ I start the high poly modeling and create the 3D lowpoly model of the Banjo with Blender. 

✔️ Then the unwrapping phase with and then the baking of the normal map, ambient occlusion and curvature with Marmoset. 

✔️Finally how to texturing with Substance Painter the Banjo, this ancient musical instrument of African origin. 

🎮 This process is what I usually use to create a Game Asset, with an additional step that is the creation of the LODs.  So get comfortable, brew a refreshing tea (or even a cool Mojito 🍹 if you prefer) and enjoy the whole process.  

🖥️ Software Used: 

✔️ Blender 

✔️ Marmoset Toolbag

✔️ Substance 3D Painter