Wood Imperfections 8k - Map 01


Do you need more detailed wood textures? 

We have created an 8K resolution map that can be used to create realistic, irregular and imperfections in your wood textures.Use this Wood Imperfections map to create a more realistic and natural looking wood. 

Use it to create chipping, flaking and "scuffs," create irregularities and imperfections with the Normal Map or use roughness to create variations in light reflections. Or use them together! Create your detailed and perfect wood with this Imperfections Map with 8K resolution!

🔥 With the purchese you get:

✔️ 1 Wood Imperfections Map (Greyscale mask)

✔️ 1 Normal Map (OpenGL)

✔️ 1 Normal Map (DirectX)

✔️ Up to 8K Resolution (8192x8192px)

✔️ Tileable Maps Horizontal and Vertical

✔️ File Formats .png 

What are the unique aspects of this asset? 

✔️  It has 8K resolution, making it possible to create very detailed wood textures.

✔️  It includes both a Normal Map and a Greyscale mask, which can be used to create realistic irregularities and imperfections in the wood texture.

Who are the target audiences of this product? 

✔️ People who want to create more realistic and natural looking wood.

✔️ People who want to create irregularities and imperfections in their wood.

✔️ People who want an 8K resolution map to use for their wood textures.

✔️ People who want tileable maps that are horizontal and vertical.

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